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Hello there!

Gamers Sanctuary welcomes you to our website!
Gamers Sanctuary was founded by a small group of Swedish hardcore gamers that have been playing games for over 10 years. It started as a private society, but they wanted to actually mean something to the Online Gaming Community! Shortly after they decided they wanted to make a solid team to play Tournaments and Ranked with. Therefore, they had decided to expand their community to meet more people.

Gamers Sanctuary has developed to a social, serious and solid community. There are times we are serious, and we're trying to win a match while talking on Ventrilo or Skype, and there are times where we are rolling on the floor laughing about someone's joke! I got the chance to know really nice people who I can not only play with, but also rely on when something's wrong. I can always ask them for information and that's a great aspect of our community. We're always there for each other!

Due to the unexpected number of applications and the success of Gamers Sanctuary we currently have four teams for League Of Legends and we are still looking for more new players from all over the world!!
The majority of our community plays League of Legends mainly, but we are discussing other games to expand to.

So, if you are interested in improving your gameplay, have loads of fun with great players, or if you just want to find people to play ranked matches with and/or try out tournaments? Check our website and feel free to apply! Everyone is welcome and I don't think there will be any problem finding people to play with, as long as you have a good attitude and a good sense of humour!

All you have to do to join our community, is to fill in our application. After confirmation you will be contacted by one of our admins who will tell you if you have been accepted. Every single player who applies has to go through a 'trial phase'. This means we will keep our eyes on you for a while to see if you fit in well and say who you say you are. This is for your and our own good! If we feel you fit in well and we see potential in you and your play style, then you are a true member of Gamers Sanctuary!

When it comes to teams, we offer support by giving you and your team your own private part on both the forum and Ventrilo. Only members of the team can access those two (note: Admins have access to everything in order to support fully).
We are also going to arrange practice games between our teams and we want to plan friendly tournaments only for those in our community besides doing tournaments against the whole world! We do ask that all teams and their members are active and friendly and we also reserve the right to remove any team from our mists if we feel they do not fit in our community or if they do not follow the rules.

We all hope we can welcome you in a few days! Good luck and have fun!

GS-Team Leader

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